Following the Chennai flood of November/December 2015, the IRDRP immediately built an emergency program with Habitat for Humanity to rebuild/build 250 houses that have been damaged by the flood in 10villages.
The beneficiaries are from the villages around Chennai that have been the worst affected by the flood, a lot of houses have been damaged and the families lost all their belongings. In each case, the families have to live in shields, because they don’t have the money to rebuild their home. 250 families will benefit from this program. Among them, 5 families are struggling because one of them is disabled. With the help of the Cipla Foundation, we built special houses, adapted to their needs.
21st November: The first meeting for the construction project for disabled people, with the beneficiaries, took place at the Technical School (MelathurSomangalam village). During this meeting, the IRDRP Director Dr. Irudayasamy, and workers from Habitat for Humanity, met the five families who will be soon living in the 300 square feats houses in replacement of those they lost. Those houses will be built in consideration of disabled people: access ramp, lower kitchen, special bathrooms, and rounded corners.The meeting purpose was to inform the families about the project advancement, show them the last plans and respond to their questions.
3rd December: The second phase of the reconstruction and building program following the Chennai Flood in December 2015 will begin shortly. Habitat for Humanity and IRDRP have a three years contract, started in January 2016. The last round is barely finished (still 5 houses in progress), the workers from those associations already take care of the next one. This one will take place in the village of Valathupathur , an extended one, itself divided in little tribes following religion and castes system. 55 houses will be repair (still following the Chennai Flood in 2015) and 5 constructed after destroying the shields the population had taken shelter in.
The ground breaking ceremony starting the construction of five houses for Disabled people took place on the 21st December 2016, in the Kancheepuram District, NaduveerapattuSomangalam Panchayat. The directors and actors of this program, Habitat for Humanity (builders) the Cipla Foundation (donors) and the IRDRP-Trust were there to present it, along with some political figures of Tamil Nadu. This project has been built to help five families whose houses have been really damaged by the Chennai Flood of December 2015, and who need a special help for Disabled people. The families expressed their gratefulness afterward, saying that this program help them where the government failed.
The inauguration ceremony called Bhumi Puja took place on the five sites the houses will be build: each person put a stone in the hole where will be the first pillar of the house. The construction started in January and took three months.
5th January: the inhabitants, students from IRDRP and representatives from the Eicher Foundation, the IRDRP and Habitat for Humanity gather in the village of Melathur to celebrate the official beginning of the second construction phase. The actors who made this project gave the key to the future houses to the beneficiaries.