We are implementing 20 family micro businesses in two villages near Chennai with :

  • A fish business (to buy fishes in wholesale to the big market and sell it around the villages)
  • Guard herds of goats (3 baby goats and 1 female)
  • Create a shop business in the villages
  • A candles business and help them to do a real packaging

The main objective of this program is to bring the beneficiaries above the poverty line by proving income generating assets to them. We really want to mobilize and motivate the rural economic poor people set up self-help income generating projects by training them in entrepreneurial and business skills. IRDRP’s mission is also focused on improving children’s well-being and education: the other objective of the support provided to the family should remain the possibility for the children to continue their education.


The IRDRP-Trust is supporting a tuition program in three villages around Chennai : Melathur, Puducheri and Darkhas, to end child labour in stone quarries and prevent dropout children. They are children between 6 and 14 years old, gathering every evening to do their homework, to work on English skills and play together.
In Puducheri, every evening between 5 and 7 pm, 20 children (13 boys and 7 girls) work together helped by a designated women who welcome them in her house. At the same time, 19 other children (12 boys and 7 girls) are reunited in Melathur, whereas in Darkhas they are 21 (12 boys and 9 girls) between 6:20 and 8 pm.


IRDRP organizes a 2 years nursing program for 20 girls, specially made up for quarries girls. With this program, IRDRP wants to promote vocational training for quarries women, to reduce the socially exclusion and discrimination of these women, to guide them to get good jobs, career guidance and career opportunities.
The program’s cycle follows a fixe timeframe : Six months of theory at the Technical School and six months of practical experience in the hospital (8 hours/day). It’s the same for the second year. IRDRP commits to find an internship for each girl.
For the eligibility, we select these girls according to the criteria commissioned by the government. They just have passed the 10 th standard. They must be aged 16 in the beginning and 18 to have jobs at the end. And we decided to select only girls who live in the quarries areas.


Every 4 months, IRDRP receives one batch of 60 students to give them the opportunity to develop their knowledge and professional skills. The purpose of this program is for the students to improve their skills so they can find a job after the 4 months training.
Six days per week, IRDRP provides computer, english, and personality development courses to the students in our Technical School. At the end of the 4 months, we organize a meeting with professionals who help them by developing their employability, increasing job opportunities. We also organize group job interviews with companies, institutions.


Without any possibilities of having official numbers, HIV among the Indian population and especially children is highly important. In and around Chennai, many orphan children need to be supported due to the lose of their parents from this virus.
With the help of our French partner Orphelins Sida International, 15 French sponsors help 15 orphans children affected and infected by the HIV virus. Every month, IRDRP receives about 1500 INR (20€) that are given to the children and their family. 5 children are the beneficiaries of the same program with the Belgium association Children Are the Future.
These 15 children are all orphan, their parents died because of the HIV virus, and their family or foster family take care of them now. But they still live in insecurity: this money helps them buying food, school material, clothes. Every month we conduct meetings for them and give some inputs sessions on health, education and cleanliness. This was very supporting to care takers to educate their children in a good way.


In December 2015, Chennai faced heavy rain for an entire month that turned into a massive flood. IRDRP worked with 15 villages where almost all houses was immerged, in “accessible” place (some area were totally cut off due to lake opening that flooded all the roads).
After an emergency plan to get population food, place to stay, beds and sheet etc., we started a 3 years program with Habitat for Humanity: we work in 10 villages to rebuild damaged houses and build houses for people whose houses have been totally destroyed. Today, half off the program is achieved: 5 houses have been built for disabled people, 250 houses have been rebuilt and 250 families left the shields they were living in for a brand new house. For this work, we made partnership with Habitat for Humanity, the Eicher Foundation and the Cipla Foundation.


The project we are developing concerns 30 women from Chennai and around, who wants to take advanced tailoring courses in order to develop an income generator activity afterward. Our organization already lead one similar project in 2015: We bought 5 sewing machines to train teenage girls to learn tailoring. We completed 3 batches. After each, the tailoring students were placed in Export Garments company nearby our Head office in Economic Zones, Out of 38 students 16 were placed in Export Garments and 12 were having their own tailoring business at home and earning Rs.500/- daily by stitching ladies wears.
Today, we have enough machines for 30 women as long as the place, our technical school in the village of Melathur, and the teacher to start the courses.