20% of all Indian population have issues when it comes to drinking water, most of them are rural people. The main issue is not the water itself: India has important water tables underground, but the real problem is to make this water drinkable.
In Melathur and Erunmaiyur villages, the access to drinking water is complicated: people need to walk a lot to buy just a little bit of drinking water, whose price has increased because of the new government’s taxes.


  • 1. To give access to a cheaper, healthier and more accessible drinking water to the village population.
  • 2. To do some advocacy in these villages about water; which water to drink? Why? Why do we get sick because of one sort of water and not another one? What is the RO plant system and what does it do to the water ? etc.

We are planning to build and install a (RO) plant system, a water purification technology that uses a semi permeable membrane to remove ions, molecules, and larger particles from drinking water. U.V treatment and sun treatment are included in this process. At the end, the water produced is potable, odourless, colourless and tasteless, it gives 100% pure water (minerals free). The use of a distribution machine allows to sell water at the price of 5Rs / 20L (instead of 35Rs / 30L).
The population have to insert a 5 Rs coin to open the faucet that closes as soon as 20L have been dispensed. IRDRP will regularly collect money in the payment system. The money collected covers the maintenance; electricity costs and also pays the persons in charge of the operation of the installation.